Landcruiser Makes Guest Appearance

This past weekend Lola was invited to a special event.

She agreed to give the off roading a break and instead make a guest appearance at our families annual hayride.

We know this isn’t a travel piece that you’ve come to expect from us (be sure to keep scrolling to see our other Landcruiser Adventures) but we thought that we would take this post to introduce more about who we are.

The hayride started 7 years ago, it was low key and we all fit on one trailer. It has since grown to a classic country band, two trailers with lots of seating and a lot more of Mom’s famous chili.

Lola led the convoy of our friends and family to the dead end of our road, it should be noted here that it’s our farm’s location that gave name to this whole blog. We are located on the North End of Flathead Lake (the largest fresh water lake west of the Mississippi).

When we are not out exploring in Lola, we are in our boat soaking up the all too short summers here in Montana. Our family farm is on the back waters of the Flathead River that feeds the lake, and we can actually take the boat all the way to our road… Now if we could just convince the other farmers to put in a neighborhood dock!

We will be back at the adventures next week, but wanted to share a video of Lola from this weekend.




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