Meadow Peak Lookout

I laughed when we woke up the morning of this trip.

Just two days before I had posted on our instagram about how everyone else was talking about winter, but we here at North End was holding onto autumn…

There was snow in them dar hills

We travelled east of Kalispell on Hwy 2 towards Libby, MT. Just as we crossed into Lincoln county we turned right onto a logging road.

Autumn was in full force and the larches were beautiful… but the further we peered up Meadow Peak, the more snow we saw.

About half way up we stopped at a switch back that was fully covered in snow and had delicious breakfast hash… We can’t take credit for it however, our friend Jody dished it up.

The rest of the trail was covered in snow and the gate was locked. This meant we had to hike the 1/4 of a mile to the top of Meadow Peak and it’s look out tower.

The winter jaunt, didn’t disappoint

1977 Toyota Landcruiser travel to Meadow Peak Lookout in Montana
Panoramic from Meadow Peak Lookout overlooking Thompson chain of Lakes in Montana

Someone is currently rehabilitating the look out. The inside was boarded up, but the cat walk was still open. We busted out the drone and got our first real footage that will be included in our YouTube video of this trip.

We look forward to revisiting this trail again, preferably when the snow has gone and with clear skies.

Meadow Peak Montana in a 1977 Toyota Landcruiser

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