Black Lake

Growing up, Andy’s parents had a cabin on the Flathead Reservation. Not on Flathead Lake (it did have amazing views of it though!) it was at the base of Chief Cliff and near a smaller lake.  

The legend about Chief Cliff tells of Chief Eneas riding to the top and proclaiming that the tribe had lost respect for the elders. He gave strong words of advice and then turned his horse away from the edge. To the surprise of the onlookers he abruptly changed directions and took himself and his horse over the edge.

They say you can still see a silhouette of a maiden, arm outstretched to the sky mourning for Chief Eneas half way up the cliff.

Black Lake is located on tribal lands and a Flathead Indian Reservation Recreation Permit is required. Be sure to pick one up at the Polson Walmart before your trip to avoid paying a fine.

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