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We have traveled to many places, but no place holds are heart quite like Montana. Don’t get me wrong, we complain about the long winters…

But like Merle Haggard says, “Big city turn me loose and set me free somewhere in the middle of Montana.” I’m sure he wanted the chorus to go on to say on a dirt road in a vintage Landcruiser, but couldn’t find the words to rhyme.

Montana is covered by only one area code, and we are damn proud of it. To celebrate 406 Day (April 6th) we teamed up with The Last Best Box to send a slice of heaven to a lucky follower (head to our Instagram and get in the running!).

The Last Best Box is a monthly subscription service that features unique Montana products. Once signed up, be prepared to discover Montana products in your mailbox every month. Order prior to the end of the month to have your box shipped on the 5th of the following month. Or choose from one of their curated themed boxes that are ready to be shipped anytime!

When our Last Best Box showed up we knew immediately it was going to be a box of full awesomness! The packaging is thoughtful as are the items that were included in our Montana Outdoor Adventure Box. Not to mention the personal card by KTF Design handcrafted in Butte, MT that we can reuse and share some Montana love.

The Montana Adventure Box is one of their carefully crafted themed boxes that can be picked up at anytime and you don’t have to wait a month for the Montana goods to show up. Head over to their website to check out past subscription boxes as well as other themed baskets like Montana Coffee Lovers, Montana Spa and the make our mouth water, Montana Huckleberry Box.

Although we are always down for some Huckleberry products (#yum) the Montana Outdoor Adventure Box was the perfect fit for our lifestyle hitting back roads in the Landcruiser. We were super impressed with the quality and quantity included.

‘>Happy Camper Soap by DAYSPA Basics in Missoula, MT

Nothing ruins a great camping trip quite like uninvited bugs. This 85% organic soap is hypoallergenic and keeps the flying uninvited guests away. Sea salt and juniper berry is used to exfoliate (and the juniper gives a great woodsy scent), and their mix of 11 essential oils help you to combat bites and annoyances.

Happy Camper Soap

Basecamp Blend Geo Coffee from Treeline Coffee Roasters in Bozeman , MT

The Geo Coffee packets from Treeline Coffee get it. You want to be out exploring, room is tight for gear… but you still need your cup of joe. The Geo pourover is a single serving ready to brew that makes it easy to get your caffeine without taking up precious room in your rig.

Geo Packet Coffee

‘>Lightnin’ Flame “Backpacker” Emergency Firestarter by Montana Campfire LLC in Victor, Montana.

Being prepared is an essential part of overlanding. Recovery gear? Check. Tools? Check. Fire starting? That’s where Lightnin’ Flames “Backpacker” Emergency Firestarter comes in. Like other items in this great Adventure box, it’s compact and useful. The waterproof containers contain 2 ounces of Lightnin’ Flames firestarter and two “strike anywhere” matches.

Montana Campfire Lightnin' Flame

Beef Teriyaki Jerky by Madison Smokehouse in Ennis, MT

Who doesn’t like jerky? Ginger LOVES jerky and she sure was up in the front seat when we opened this package of Jerky from Madison Smokehouse. They use classic smoking techniques for their products and are inspired by the local area.

Madison Smokehouse Jerky

Natural Insect Repellant from Natural Essentials in Churchill, MT

You are already worrying about the bug bites, don’t worry about the chemicals in traditional insect sprays too! This family run business in the Gallatain Valley uses 100% natural ingredients to ensure that your time outside is spent enjoying the view and not worrying about bites.

Natural Essentials Natural Insect Repellent

The Last Best Box company offers a unique gift for the Montanan or wannabe Montanan in your life. I can totally imagine a homesick Montanan loving any of these boxes. A box full of “Big Sky Country” delivered directly to them!

They also allow you to “Build Your Own” Box or can create custom orders for friends, family and even as corporate gifts! They love sharing quality Montana products and would love to work with you.

Be sure to head over to our Instagram before April 6, 2019 to be entered to win your very own box in honor of 406 Day!

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