Category: Landcruiser

Downing Mountain Lodge

The 1977 Landcruiser crawls the 15 switchbacks to the majestic views of the Downing Mountain Lodge in Hamilton, MT.

Meadow Peak Lookout

I laughed when we woke up the morning of this trip. Just two days before I had posted on our instagram about how everyone else was talking about winter, but we here at North End was holding onto autumn… There was snow in them dar… Continue Reading “Meadow Peak Lookout”

Landcruiser Makes Guest Appearance

This past weekend Lola was invited to a special event. She agreed to give the off roading a break and instead make a guest appearance at our families annual hayride. We know this isn’t a travel piece that you’ve come to expect from us… Continue Reading “Landcruiser Makes Guest Appearance”

Sylvia Lake

Couple makes an unplanned adventure to a NW Montana Lake (Sylvia Lake) in a restored 1977 Toyota Landcruiser.

Glacier, why you so ugly?

Couple travels into Glacier National Park in their restored 1977 Toyota Landcruiser during the spectacular fall season.